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Shots at the Shop

A partnership to provide 1000 Black shops each $1,000 in funding, and training and resources to keep their communities safe and without incidence from COVID-19.

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$1 Million in Funding

SheaMoisture is partnering with local and national groups to ensure Black communities are not locked-out of critical and life-saving efforts in the fight against COVID-19. Together, we can turn vaccine hesitancy into vaccine confidence in  our community.  

Registration is currently closed and businesses can request to be waitlisted for the next funding cycle at [email protected]

If you registered and received confirmation to join an orientation, please visit here for next steps and to complete the funding process. 

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Browsing the Rack

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Why Vaccinations?

Upon reopening to full capacity, Black businesses are likely to either have a smaller customer base ready to return, or will face greater risk by interfacing with a larger volume of unvaccinated patrons. SheaMoisture stands ready to protect Black businesses. 

With 50% of the adult population fully vaccinated, there are increasing calls to fully reopen the nation’s economy. Among those fully vaccinated individuals, 65% are White, while only 8.5% are Black—a share that has the Black community under-vaccinated by a full one-third relative to their proportion in the US population.



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In partnership with the Black Coalition Against COVID, and the University of Maryland Center for Health Equity, SheaMoisture will commit $1 Million in funding to engage barbershops and salons as community health advocates. 

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