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The SheaList

Investing back into Black Entrepreneurs and Black communities isn't something that we just say; IT'S WHAT WE DO—introducing the #TheSheaList - a growing community of Black Entrepreneurs who we proudly invest in and who are running the world, literally.

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Afrotherapy Salon

Harriet Cudjoe

Providing opportunities for young people through a creative and passionate outlet.

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Akwaaba Inns

Monique Greenwood

Akwaaba is a collection of four historic B&Bs with 32 guest rooms on the East Coast--Wash., DC; Brooklyn, NY; Philadelphia, PA; and the Poconos in PA. Akwaaba has always been challenged by thin margins, given we work to keep our rates accessible for the masses of our target audience. 

COVID-19 has hit the travel industry particularly hard, bringing business to a full stop. They are operating with depleted and limited cash reserves by returning deposits to guests who have had to cancel their reservations and events.


Betty’s Unisex
Hair Studio

Elizabeth and Sandra Kungu

One of the only Kenyan mother and daughter owned salons in London

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By Dami Studios

Oluwadamilola Okuboyejo

It is a women-owned business that creates luxury custom invitations and fine stationery incorporating high quality and timeless designs.

They created a program during COVID-19 to provide boxed gifts that comfort, encourages and uplifts.

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Ella's Beauty Mart

Timothy Moore

Black-owned and family-owned beauty supply and doing good things for COVID-19.

They partner with local organizations to provide resources for individuals in underserved communities in metro Atlanta.

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Emojis Grilled Cheese

Hope Green

Emojis Grilled Cheese uses its fleet of food trucks to teach job and life skills to homeless teens and youth aging out of foster care. This amazing food truck takes traditional comfort food combinations and transforms them into unique Grilled Cheese combinations.

They are serving meals during COVID-19.

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Eye See Me Bookstore

Pamela & Jeffrey Blair

Eye See Me Bookstore is a full service, brick, and mortar, bookstore that sells African American children's books, filling the gap in the education and publishing industries where black children are not represented. It is a long time community business that needs a grant to remain open.

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Jillian Hishaw

It is a black-owned farming operation working to reduce hunger through their food bank program. Provide emergency stipends to farmers of color particularly in the Southeast.


Hapin Hair Lounge

Georgina Nipah

Making women look and feel good in a safe space.


Her Definition Salon

Heather Dapaah

A breath of fresh air, caring for your hair health and beyond.

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Kido Chicago

Keewa Nurullah

Kido is a family business; kids clothing company and community space. Created a black-owned market to support community businesses. This store is closed currently, having lost a month of sales.

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Kids Hair By Ri

Rina Bediako

Specialising in afro hair braids and cornrows for children aged 3-14 to help them feel confident.

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Kizuri Hair

Tara King

Working passionately to uplift women with beautiful hairstyles.

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Laine London Boutique

Lundyn Carter

Brick-and-mortar wedding dress rental company in the U.S. Provides women the ability to rent their dream wedding dress instead of purchasing it.

They offer virtual consultations to help you make progress on wedding planning during
An outlet to vent and share your situation and what issues you’re facing as a 2020 bride during COVID-19. A way to promote positivity and empathy towards every bride’s unique situation.

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Mahogany Books

Derrick & Ramunda Young

DC Bookstore specializing in books written for, by, or about people of the African Diaspora.

Currently closed due to shutdowns.

For 10 years MahoganyBooks operated as the premier black-owned online bookstore.

Roughly 75% of our revenue is generated through our physical bookstore in Washington DC. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to cancel/postpone a number of high-profile author events as well as temporarily close our bookstore.

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My Hair Bar

Alyson, Natasha, Melissa and Lorraine

Birthed by four beautiful strong determined young black women who share the same passion for hairdressing.

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Trevor Parham

Creating co-working spaces in gentrified areas by and for professionals of color and combines black art. Curb displacement of marginalized communities in Oakland.

Oakstop provides affordable space alternatives to creative professionals, social justice leaders, and small business owners of color. It is converting spaces into pick-up locations for COVID-19 relief.

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Perfect Score Studio

Phylicia Benjamin

Small gymnastics studio servicing the inner-city youth. The studio had to close for COVID-19.

They want to offer students scholarships.

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Play Pits

Chante Powell

Mother and son owned business.

Funding will help to continue manufacturing and fulfillment.

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Tinia Pina

Re-Nuble diverts food waste from landfills to eliminate the pollution of methane emissions.

They enables farms to transform food waste into plant-based fertilizer.



Deborah Johnson

Family-run business delivering great styling
and hospitality.

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Skyview Concessions

Apryl Stewart

Airport retail stores.

Skyview Concessions creates jobs for low-income workers.

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Hair Salon

Sonica Greigg

Standing for quality, hard work and passion to provide customers with the best care for their hair.

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Stuart Cinema

Emelyn Stuart

Self-funded movie theater no partners, loans, or investors. Active during COVID- providing popcorn to make consumers feel comfortable at home watching movies they would normally watch in the theatre.

As seen on

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Supreme Burger

Waleed & Quiana

Supreme Foods Worldwide is a Franchise Holding Company that owns and operates two concepts;  Supreme Fish Delight and Supreme Burger. They are doing a lot to support seniors through COVID-19.

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The Bark Shoppe

Melissa Mitchner

Melissa owns and operates a premier pet care facility (brick & mortar), specializing in grooming, boarding, daycare, and dog walking. It is a unique space for a woman of color business owner. They have lost substantial business due to shutdowns and services not considered essential.

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The Cupcake Collection

Mignon Francois

Hit twice by the devastation (COVID-19 and hurricane), yet still is bringing cheer to customers on their birthdays with free desserts.

The Cupcake Collection is ranked in the top 10 best bakeries in the country. Their Sweet potato cupcake was voted #1 in the state of Tennessee by Yelp and Business Insider. It is also the Black Enterprise "Family Business of the Year".


The Hair Sanctuary

Naomi Brooks

Offering a safe space for women to share their stories and transform themselves.

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Twisted Soul Cookhouse

Deborah VanTrece

Award-winning Southern cuisine.

They partner with NGOs to help kids in her community. Partnered with Atlanta Jobs to provide 150 lunches for Grady Hospital workers and actively seeking to continue feeding frontline workers during the pandemic.

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Women's World
of Boxing

Reese Scott

Only women’s boxing gym in New York City.

The main objective is to reopen, pay bills, expand after school programs for girls, add more days to the Boxing with Parkinson's Program, and get back to our community.

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