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Salon Innovation Fund

About The
Salon Fund

This grant benefits stylists who are looking to turn their side-hustle into a business. Our goal is to help women grow and scale their innovations to be able to introduce multiple streams of income to their business as we continue our work to close the wealth gap.


Here are some examples of what your business may be doing:

  • Expanded beauty services 

    • beauty and cosmetic services

    • wig and weave innovations

    • mobile services

    • community programs

    • launched an innovative salon tool, location, or product 


Applications are now closed.

Seamless_0061 (4).jpeg

Are you ready to
level up?

We are continuing our work to close the wealth gap

and help our community build generational assets.
If this means supporting your side hustle on top of
your main hustle, we got you!



  • Open to men and women licensed stylists

  • Must be majority Black owned 

  • Must have been in business for a minimum of one (1) year

  • Must have a revenue generating business innovation

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